Chapter 00 – Introduction to PITF

About This Lesson

Based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman, Milton’s Secret is now a family feature film starring Donald Sutherland, William Ainscough and Michelle Rodriguez.

Twelve-year-old Milton Adams feels his world is in crisis. With his parents stressing about their careers and finances, and the neighborhood bully tormenting him, he is constantly anxious. But when Milton’s optimistic Grandpa comes to visit, he learns the secret to finding true happiness from a man who has seen the world and who has committed to living life in the ‘now’.

Written in response to numerous requests from Eckhart’s readers, Milton’s Secret creates models of Presence and Stillness, for a family audience.

In the pages ahead, Eckhart Tolle discusses many of the scenes in the film, and explores the teachable moments in a way that will help you bring consciousness into your family.

As you watch his teachings, follow along in the attached PDF workbook. At the end of each chapter you will be given a series of questions and practical exercises that you and your family can work through together. Only through focused practice will you be empowered to bring Presence into your family!