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Mindful Mentors Monthly Challenge

Our First Monthly Mentorship Challenge Begins Monday February 4th

Monthly Mentorship

Weekly Workshops

Group Graduation

Monthly Mentorship Online Meeting and Workshop

Every Month we will host a special guest Mentor and do a Deep Dive into their Teachings. They will host a Mentorship Meeting, where everyone will be welcome to take in the Lecture, Workshop, and Q&A to discover the practical approach to living a life more conscious each and every day, week and month.

Weekly Workshop Meetings

Following the Mentor Monthly Meeting will follow 3 Weeks of Workshops to dive deeper into our Monthly Mentor’s trainings. Each Workshop will be facilitated by hand-picked, certified Coaches, Doctors, PHD’s and practitioners who are intimately familiar with the Mentor’s Teachings, so that the entire Month can be used to take up a new Habit, and new way to Model life for our children and partners.

Next Level Lesson

For the entire 30 day Month of each Mentor, their Flagship Training will be offered at 50% off their regular price, a special opportunity to take up the Teachings of our Mentors in a more profound way. Each month this can mean savings of hundreds of dollars for these hand-picked courses that are truly life-changing approaches to living, loving, and being.